The Value of a Full Gas Tank in the Winter

Keeping your gas tank full during the winter is important. When your gas tank is allowed to become nearly empty, numerous issues can arise from an otherwise preventable situation. Why do we recommend that Fife, WA drivers keep a full or nearly-full gas tank during the freezing winter months?

There’s a few reasons why it’s a good idea to always keep your car’s fuel topped off. Moisture can build up inside the gas tank when it is not full. Since the freezing point for gasoline is lower than water, this moisture can freeze. The condensation along the fuel lines and walls can also freeze, preventing the gasoline from reaching your vehicle's engine. This means your car will be unable to start because the fuel line designed to deliver gasoline to your car’s engine will be frozen. This can be prevented by keeping your gas tank a minimum of half-full at all times.

We recommend that you stop for gasoline more frequently, even when your tank is not almost empty. This will help protect your vehicle and prevent you from getting stranded in the bitter cold. The Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma staff wishes you a safe and enjoyable winter season.

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