Recognize Tire Pressure Changes - And When to Fix Them

The tire pressure light is part of your vehicle for a good reason. It alerts you if your tire pressure is not correct. Newer vehicles have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), but drivers should still monitor the pressure periodically. We are happy to assist you in monitoring your tires or providing tips on the TPMS at our Fife, WA auto service shop.

Because there are several factors that can make your tire pressure light become illuminated, it’s important to recognize the reasons. Extreme cold or hot temperatures can cause the tires to overinflate, which will make the light come on for a few minutes. However, the light can also come on for a serious reasons like actual improper inflation.

Whether you have problems keeping good tire pressure or need to buy new tires, we have everything you need and people ready to help. Visit us in Fife today and let us service your vehicle.

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