The Value of Synthetic Oil for High-Performance Engines

If your vehicle has a high performance engine, you'll want to request synthetic motor oil the next time you bring in your car for an oil change at our service department in Fife, WA. Why should you consider synthetic oil for your vehicle?

Synthetic motor oil has several benefits over conventional, petroleum-based motor oil. It offers a longer lifespan, with oil changes necessary every 7,000 miles compared to around 2,500 miles for conventional oil. Its chemical composition is superior to conventional oil, which usually contains such impurities as sulfur and phosphorous. Synthetic oil also performs better in cold temperatures as well as high temperatures, with no changes in its chemical composition due to weather.

Another good benefit to choosing synthetic oil is its resistance to evaporation or decomposition. By choosing synthetic oil at your next oil change appointment, you'll receive better fuel economy, better protection against changes in temperature, higher performance and require a longer interval between oil changes.

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