What's the Difference Between Compact and Full-Size Spares?

Once you have selected a new vehicle to purchase or lease, you may want to find out what type of spare tire that vehicle comes with. There are two main types of spare tires. You have the full-size spare tire that is basically another tire on your vehicle somewhere. You also have the compact temporary tire, which is a very simple version of a tire. It can't hold the weight of your vehicle for too long. It isn't designed for driving more than a few miles at a time.

If you experience a flat tire, you will want to pull over to a safe location and switch out your tire for the spare. If you have roadside assistance, you can call them for help. Make sure that you have your flat tire addressed. A compact spare needs to be replaced by us here at Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma very quickly. A full-size spare can go a bit longer.



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