We all have the perception of horsepower which has to do with the level of power a vehicle offers. We are all aware that the more horsepower a vehicle has, the faster it will travel. The origin of the term has an interesting beginning, and the Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma team is eager to share some insight with you today.

James Watt, the noted 18th-century inventor, was looking for a way to impress his customers with regard to his steam engines. One day he was observing ponies working at a coal mine. He calculated that they could haul 22,000 foot-pounds of coal per minute. He then translated that work to horses and got 33,000 foot-pounds per minute.

He called this calculation "horsepower" because the horse was the primary means of transportation in that day. We still use horsepower and a means of reference pertaining to how much work an engine can do in comparison to another similar engine.

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