DIY headlight Cleaning Methods

When you notice that your headlights don’t shine as brightly as they once did, it’s time to clean them. They are at the forefront of your vehicle as you drive and are subjected to all kinds of debris. You may want to try to clean them yourself, and there are several methods for you to consider.

The first process involves getting a cloth damp with warm water and putting some toothpaste on it. Scrub both lenses well and rinse them with a clean damp cloth. This technique has a better result on plastic than glass, but it’s worth trying on both. It might require a couple of good attempts to clear the grime away.

If you didn’t see the results you wanted with toothpaste, using an insect spray is another alternative. Wearing gloves, spray a version that contains DEET on a clean cloth and rub the lenses with it. Wipe them down afterward with a clean cloth. There is a critical word of warning with using this method. It will take the paint off of your vehicle, so you need to use the utmost care.

A final means of cleaning the lenses is with a series sandpaper sheets of progressively finer grit and polish. Begin with the coarsest paper, and with gentle movement, rub the lenses to remove scratches. Repeat the process with each sheet of paper. When you complete sanding, polish the glass.

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