Mercedes Maybach 6 Coupe

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​Mercedes has introduced an all new concept to the world that has been a reflection of what to expect in the future, expect the unexpected. This Maybach 6 coupe is representing the new ultimate luxury automobile. All four motors electric, all wheel drive, and unanticipated 738 horsepower that could run laps around anyone. Drive the distance, 200 mile distance to be exact, with an under floor Image result for mercedes maybach 6 coupe​battery. With a power charge of 62 miles in just five minutes gives you the ability to feel comfortable everywhere you go and convenient charging stations. A hot and cold effect is the outlying design of what all the rave is about. A sleek, sporty exterior and advanced, innovative technological interior puts the vision in visionary. Experience a smooth ride like no other. Sit back and relax with adjustable climate controls and massage functions that you will find nowhere else. An influencing performance that is made to outlast the others with exceptional driving ranges, power, and style. Dream big, and out of the ordinary in the vision of the Mercedes-Maybach 6 Coupe that does not yet have a release date but will be worth the wait. Classic meets modern bumper to bumper for the utmost comfort. Come stop the Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma to get more information.