The Value of Keeping Your Brakes Maintained

Our team here at Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma is here to help you keep your vehicle in working order. Part of maintaining your vehicle is understanding how it works. Your brake pads play an important part of your brake system and not all brake pads are the same.

Brake pads are positioned between your brake rotors and brake calipers. Without the brake pads, your brake rotors would get damaged over time from the friction. Eventually, your brake pads will get worn out. If you hear a grinding noise, it could indicate that the pad is worn out while a squealing noise can indicate that the soft metal in the pads needs to be changed.

When you change out the brake pads, you'll want to find the right type for your vehicle and type of driving done. Ceramic brake pads are designed for heavy-duty purposes while semi-metallic pads are designed for your daily commute.



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