X-Class Concept

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Mercedes-Benz has officially added their name in the running to the pickup truck lineup. Trucks have been the entire rave lately. Therefore, Mercedes-Benz has made sure they do not miss out on this great opportunity. Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma is here to dish all the details of the Concept X-Class. This truck will be the first pick up model for Mercedes-Benz which means it is here to make its mark.
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​The premium truck will offer many luxury and technological features as well as all the aptitude we love about pickup trucks. A powerful performance will bring the X Class to the top of the truck list. This truck is a fully functioning, and a well built vehicle that is paired with an all mighty V6 diesel with all wheel drive 4Matic. The high leveled torque provides a high efficiency with a 7,716 pound tow capacity. On or off the road, there is a great amount of traction that is equipped for anything.

The chairman of Mercedes-Benz has released that they are looking to fulfill the every specific need of their customers may have. For the everyday urban trucker, this vehicle is the perfect fit for you. There are many features that are included to fit every lifestyle. Brought with agility, safety, and comfort, X Class will propose an appeal to a new consumer.

Mercedes-Benz will be adding this midsize truck to be the first premium brand to offer such a vehicle. The brand had put a lot of time and money into the development of this truck. Not yet listed for United States arrival, there is a good chance that there it will be making its appearance in the near future. Consider Larson’s Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma to be your consultant and informational guide. Come check us out today! In the mean time, test drives a Mercedes G Class sedan to hold you off until then!