Mercedes-Benz CLA 4 Door Coupe

What are the perks of driving the hottest car on the road? Well I will tell you. With a look so sleek, you will put other designs to rest. Its cutting edge, aerodynamic look enhances its efficiency and stability on the road. You can expect to find a 208 horsepower turbo inline engine with more torque than ever before under the gorgeous hood. Made easy with advanced technology, Mercedes-Benz believes in a powerful car that will influence the world in a big way. With the power in your hands, you have the ability to set your drive to one of 7 speed modes. A Dynamic Select option gives the driver the ability to change gears and drive like a manual, with the ease of an automatic. For the thrill seekers who like an extra boost, there is an option for you. A 4 cylinder engine that performs at an amazing 375 horsepower and 26.1 psi of turbo boost that gives off the most power in the business. 4 wheel drive that will make for a confident agility for all seasons.

?For the most technological advances, Mercedes has sufficiently provided a vehicle that does it all. Featuring an 8 inch colored screen, Bluetooth sound system, and advanced navigation that will get you from A to B with ease. Stay connected with “me connect” where you can find everything Mercedes. View your vehicle from your phone, schedule services, and get assistance at anytime with the click of a button. Enjoy your devices with in car WiFi at a short rate. Learn more at, or stop by the Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma for more information. This is an unbeatable ride that offers standard active brake assist, attention assist, available blind spot and lane keep assist that provides the ultimate safety flow.