Concept: EQS

​Mercedes-Benz Concept: EQS 
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​An electric S-Class is on its way, paving its way into the new vision of Mercedes-Benz. During the 2019 Frankfurt auto show in Frankfurt, Germany, Mercedes-Benz will introduce a new concept to the world, the EQS. Here there will be a first look into the innovative ideas Mercedes has for their all new EQS and other electric sedans. Making an explicit affirmation that the future is in our hands with new technologies making it possible to let the driver be in control of where and how they want to go. Mercedes has developed an electrified EQ brand that right now, only contains the EQC crossover. The overall vision Mercedes has for the EQS is to resemble a yacht. With nothing but the best looking materials and advanced trailblazing technologies that are out of this world give this car one of a kind feels. The dashboard resembles the deck of a boat with its clean lines and shaping blending into the body. Every last detail down to the directions of the air vents is directly parallel to those of a yacht. Each passenger will have access to screens that are similar to the center control, which allows the console to be individually Image result for mercedes benz concept eqscontrolled. Fabrics designs to last, upholstered with white microfibers and plastic bottles with rose gold stitching lining. But not forget, with all this technology comes environmentally friendly materials like real wood from the German forests and plastic pulled straight out of the ocean, to celebrate how we can control our world. Now, the back bone of the EQS, the EVA2 electric vehicle platform that holds it all; steel, aluminum, and carbon fibers that will allow this car to hold more, without the unwanted weight. This 100 KW hr., battery outputs close to 470 horsepower and 560 lb-ft of torque that halts to 60 mph in less than 4.5 seconds. Not forgetting a range of 375 miles. For an 80 percent charge estimated at just 20 minutes at any of the convenient charging stations. The Mercedes-Benz EQS Concept is a great example of what we can expect to see in our vehicles in the future. Automakers are finally coming together to make our cars more reliable, and more lavish. This is more than just the ordinary Kia Optima, a car made for the future. Come ask our salesmen at Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma about their thoughts on the unveiling of the EQS!