How the Mercedes-Benz GLK Became the GLC

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Mercedes Benz has taken a big leap these past few years. By changing the name of some of their lineups, they add value and a sense of luxury to them.
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The GL classes have gained a third letter- which indicates the class level they fall under. The SUV models have taken a large hit to this change. Changing the name almost completely, the GLK is no longer the “GLK”. Now the GLC, which the C stands for C-class, now is directly referenced to it relative sedan. Like its sibling sedan, the GLC will acquire all the amazing characteristics of the C-class. A softer design will classify the SUV as its new signature. The GLC was unveiled in June of 2015, the beginning of the new era. Along with a new name, the GLC got a new look. Featuring a longer, wider and roomier body style compared to the GLK which gives it more of a SUV feel. Next time you see a Mercedes-Benz GLK roaming around, be sure to take a good look at what once was the hottest luxury SUV.