Wheel angles can change even though the car's driver doesn't want them altered. A vehicle has three different wheel angles, and they can suffer from misalignment. Maybe the driver hit a speed bump or pothole and messed up the wheels. Or, perhaps parts wore out leading to the change. Regardless of the reason, things require a fix. You don't want to keep driving a car that doesn't handle straight.

A mechanic uses a specially designed machine to measure car angles. The measurements must match manufacturer specs, or else they are considered misaligned. If so, then the mechanic goes to work fixing the problem.

Once restored to manufacturer specs, the car should handle better. The vehicle won't pull, nor will the steering wheel tilt off when driving straight. And the tires won't suffer unnecessary wear.

The techs in our service department can help out with wheel alignments and other maintenance requests. Call Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma to ask about an appointment time.


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