Brake Pads: Their Function and How to Keep Them Functioning Longer

A moving vehicle is stopped by fluid flowing to a piston closing the brake caliper. The brake pads attached to the caliper applies pressure to the rotor and absorbs the resulting friction.

You can prolong the life of your brakes by slowing for a stop sooner rather than stomping on the brakes at the last possible second. Except under slippery conditions use a lower gear to help slow the vehicle when going downhill and apply and release the brakes repeatedly until reaching the bottom of the hill. Always maintain a safe following distance between yours and other vehicles.

Squeaking when you step on the brakes means the pads need replacing. More current vehicles will tell you via the instrument panel that the brakes need servicing. Good brakes prevent accidents. If you live in the Fife area at the very first sign your brake pads need replacing call us at Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma.


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