Vision Mercedes Simplex

318 × 159
The Vision Mercedes Simplex is inspired by the 1901 Mercedes Simplex has finally made its appearance to the public. This is oh so special to the Mercedes brand, giving us the nostalgia of the first “Mercedes” named cars. One hundred and nineteen year ago, the original Simplex took the world by storm by introducing innovative designs and techniques that had never been seen before. Now, representing the original, we have this futuristic model that takes us back to what we loved so much, one hundred years ago. Image result for vision mercedes simplexThis is a very far out design that come straight out of the new Mercedes design studios in France. This “weird” concept was meant to be out of the box and add character that would resemble the 1901 Mercedes Simplex with a modern touch. The minimalist interior adds some edge that will drive us all crazy. Although this vision was not truly made for driving realistically, it takes us back to why we love Mercedes as much as we do. This blasting to the past allows us to appreciate the newer models. We welcome all Mercedes Benz lovers at Mercedes Benz of Tacoma and want to hear your stories driving a Mercedes Benz. Check out our Facebook Page at where you can learn more about us and our awesome team! Or schedule an appointment to take a test drive today!