When To Change Belts And Hoses

There are a number of different belts in your vehicle that allow it to operated properly. Belts are needed to operate engine components such as the water pump and fan. Hoses are used to transport coolant and fluids to the engine. Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma wants you to know when you need to change your vehicle's belts and hoses.

When you have your vehicle in for service, always have the belts and hoses checked for excessive wear. This includes the timing belt. If a belt is frayed or worn, it should be replaced. If you have a squealing belt, it is time for a replacement. Serpentine belts should be replaced every 60 to 100,000 miles.

Hoses should be replaced if there is any fluid leakage detected. If any hose looks thin or worn, you need to replace the hose as soon as possible. Most manufactures recommend that the coolant hoses be replaced every 60,000 miles.


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