Leasing or Buying

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For those of you who do not know the difference between leasing and owning a car, this blog is for you. This choice between leasing and buying has been a controversial conversation piece. There are many reasons why each is the ideal choice. However, one may be a better option for some rather than for others. More people are gravitating towards the idea of a lease over a car loan. So here is how you find the best deal for you!
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Mercedes-Benz Luxury Sprinters

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Mercedes Benz is no stranger to a diverse line up. Furthermore, Sprinter has come a long way from what it once was. Now, a luxury cargo van, Sprinter has done amazing things to make their vans the top van in the industry. ​Whether for business or pleasure, these vans offer great capabilities that satisfy all your needs. Find your next Sprinter at Mercedes Benz of Tacoma in Fife, Washington, local to Seattle, Vancouver, and Portland. Stop by today!
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Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC SUV Offers Elegance and Convenience

From the turbocharged powertrain to the leather-appointed cockpit, the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC SUV does not have any weaknesses in design. Do you want to experience the superb capabilities and lavish features of this compact SUV? Contact Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma to schedule a personal tour in Fife.

Would you like to see colored maps on an 8.4-inch display during a drive? Turn on the GPS navigation system in the car's COMAND system. You will receive complimentary map updates for several years as a loyal driver of this high-end vehicle. 

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Safety and Security Highlights in the Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe

What does it take to lead the luxury SUV class in safety? The Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 4MATIC Coupe has plenty of answers. Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma sells this compact model with more than 10 accident-prevention features, including automatic braking and multiple alert systems that scan the vicinity for threats.

If you end up in an accident while handling this luxury crossover SUV, you should utilize the Mercedes-Benz Emergency Call Services that are synced with the built-in GPS navigation system in the COMAND platform.

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2020 AMG E53

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It is no secret that Mercedes AMG is a roaring circuit on the luxury sedan market. Conceivably, the AMG E 53 is back and it’s better for its new 2020 model. This sedan has all the new bells and whistles that make the E 53 top of the line.The enhanced upgrades to the E53 offer luxury features, and revolutionary and modernized design that will not disappoint.​Come test drive the Mercedes AMG E53 here at Mercedes Benz of Tacoma. Located in Fife, Washington, just miles from Seattle, Olympia, and Vancouver, make the drive to check out our AMG…
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Vision Maybach

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This glamorous coupe has come to the surface out of Pebble Beach. An annual classic car convention in California was the premier of the Vision Mercedes Maybach back in 2016.The new design reinterprets the classic style we once knew. This car represents a new era of glam. Although there is no official release date, Mercedes anticipates this concept to be the most talked about luxury coupe out there. Our sales team is prepared to answer any and all questions Mercedes, and even take you for a spin in a Mercedes-Benz test drive around Fife, Washington.
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Mercedes AMG E53 vs. Jaguar XF

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The Mercedes AMG E53 has been a hot seller here at Mercedes Benz of Tacoma. Don’t miss the opportunity to drive the car of the year. While we are looking at the glorious features of the AMG E53, we compare the specs of the Jaguar XF.

The AMG has made it known to its competitors that there is in fact, no competition. Here at Larson Automotive Group, we care about the quality of the vehicles we sell. Nothing but the best for our customers that is why we want to be your buying guide, so come check us out…
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Maybach vs. Bentley

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Two outstanding luxury vehicles that are powered by nothing but the best, here we will see what makes these two cars standout from each other and how one of these luxury cars is the perfect car for you.

Stop by the Mercedes-Benz of Tacoma for a full access look at the new Mercedes Maybach S650. Test drive it today to get the full experience of what it is like to drive this one of a kind luxury sedan.

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